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Paage 192-193


1. The pastries in that shop are very expensive but quite deliciously. (I)

2. You can find some change to buy a paper in the drawer, on top of the dresser, or in the jar. (C)

3. The living room was decorated with expensive painting and elegance lamps. (C)

4. He knew that the financial problems were serious, that the situation was not going to improve, and that he needed to get a job. (C)

5. All day long during the trip to the mountains, they were skiing, sledding, or played in the snow. (I)

6. The car needs new tires but not a new enginee. (C)

7. He stops working when he gets too tired to continue or when he has finished. (C)

8. To get to the office, you should go trough this door, turn to the left, and continuation down the hall. (I)

9. For dessert we could serve lemon pie, fruit tarts, chocolate cake, or butter cookies. (C)

10. The sick child needs some medicine, some juice, and to rest. (I)

Page 194


1. He either lied or telling an unbelievable story. (I)

2. The music at the concert was neither well played nor well liked. (C)

3. He regularly studies both in the morning or in the evening. (I)

4. The play that we saw last night was not only rather delightful but also quite meaningful. (C)

5. He married her neither for her ability to cook nor her ability to clean house. (I)

6. The discussion was both exciting and interest. (I)

7. He withdrew all the money not only from the cheking account but also from the savings account. (C)

8. Neither the teacher or the students are ready to leave the classroom. (I)

9. You can meet with me either in the next few minutes or at 4:00. (I)

10. John is an adventurous person who enjoys not only sky diving but also goes parasailing. (I)

Page 194-195

EXERCISE (Skills 14 – 15)

1. The advertisements appeared in the newspaper and on the radio. (C)

2. She is trained as both an accountant and in nursing. (I)

3. We can take either my car or yours to the party. (I)

4. The coffee is too hot, too bitter, and too strength. (C)

5. He not only passed the test but also receiving the highest score in the class. (I)

6. Your ideas are neither more important or less important than the ideas of the others. (I)

7. The meeting lasted only an hour but still seeming too long. (I)

8. The novel was both emotional and description. (I)

9. Either the counselor or her secretary can help you with that problem. (I)

10. The leaves from the tree fell in the yard, in the pool, the driveway, and on the sidewalk. (I)

Page 195


1. Ballpoint pens are less versatile but more population than foumtain pens. (B)

2. Riddles vary greatly in both grammatical and phonology form. (A)

3. Blood preassure is measured by feeling the pulse and apply a force to the arm. (B)

4. The moon has no atmosphere, no air, and no watery. (D)

5. The firs matches were too hard to ignite, a mess, or too dangerously easy to ignite. (C)

6. A 1971 U.S. government policy not only put warnings on cigarette packs but also banning television advertising of cigarettes. (C)

7. Demand, beauty, durability, rare, and perfection of cutting determine the value of gemstone. (C)

8. The Harvard Yard, which was Harvard’s original campus, is still a major attraction for boyh students and visiting. (D)

9. In 1862, the American Confederacy raised the Merrimack, renamed it Virginia, covered it whit iron plates, and an outfit it with ten guns. (D)

10. The liquid crystals in a liquid crystal display (LCD) affect the polarized light so that it is either blocked and reflected by the segments of the display. (D)

Page 196

Toefl Review Exercise (Skills 1 – 15)

1. Most cells in multicelled organisms perform specialization fuctions. (D)

2. The big island of Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, was created by five volcanoes. (D)

3. The sun uses up over four million tons of hydrogen per second but it still has enough hydrogen to last for the next billion years. (C)

4. For Katherine L. Bates, who reached the top of Pikes Peak in 1893. the view provided the inspiration for her hymn “America the Beautiful”. (A)

5. Coal, petroleum, and natural gascous are all fossil fuels. (B)

6. The mass of neutron stars generally range from one-tenth to twice the mass of the sun. (C)

7. Grasses grow in ways that help them to survive being nibbled, chilly, or dried. (D)

8. Most of Hemingway’s novels glorifies heroic exploits such as bullfighting or boxing. (B)

9. Paleographers study ancient and medieval handwriting in order to establish not only its age and also its background. (D)

10. The sounds produced by bullfrogs and toads vary greatly because each species have its own particular call. (C)

Page 197


1. We have already hearing the good news. (I)

2. She has ridden her bicycle to school every day. (C)

3. I have always believe you. (I)

4. He has find the missing car keys. (I)

5. They have put their money in a savings account. (C)

6. Their parents have allowed them to stay up late. (C)

7. She has never ran away from home before. (C)

8. Have you ever saw a ghost? (I)

9. They have taken three tests already this week. (C)

10. He has offer me a high-paying job. (I)

Page 198


1. She was study the textbooks all night long. (I)

2. The pie was cut into six equal pieces. (C)

3. Today the teacher is allow the students to leave class a few minutes early. (I)

4. The class is teach every other semester. (I)

5. Tom is bringing some drinks to the party. (C)

6. The sick child was taken to see a doctor. (C)

7. The children are swim in the backyard pool. (I)

8. The diamond jewelry is always keep in a safe place. (C)

9. The teacher is preparing a difficult exam for the students. (C)

10. Dinner is served from 6:00 to 8:00. (I)

Page 199


1. You should try to respond politely. (C)

2. Everyone must leaves the room immediately. (I)

3. I could sat on the beach for hours. (I)

4. She will asking you many difficult questions. (I)

5. You can look at the book, but you cannot borrow it. (C)

6. He may lies to you because he is not very truthful. (C)

7. He knew that he would forgot the phone number. (I)

8. The wetherman said that it might snowing tonight. (C)

9. Perhaps we could bought a new car this year. (I)

10. This course will satisfy the graduation requirement. (I)

Page 200
EXERCISE (Skills 16 – 18)

1. We have became good friends in the last year. (I)

2. Your name will be list in the new directory. (C)

3. The new movie is receive good reviews. (C)

4. She must have feel sorry about her bad behavior. (C)

5. They have always given their family many presents. (I)

6. We may be taking a vacation next week. (C)

7. We could have taking a vacation last week. (C)

8. The package might had been deliver by an express mail service. (C)

9. I have not wrote very many letters to my friends. (I)

10. The car should not have be drive anymore yesterday. (C)

Page 200-201

TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 16 – 18)

1. By the 1920s, many radio transmitters had been build. (D)

2. Fish farming has rose in the United States in recent years. (C)

3. In areas of volcanic activity, beach sand may contains dark minerals and little quartz. (B)

4. Cro-Magnon man was names after the caves in southwest France where the first remains were discovered. (A)

5. Lassie, the famous collie who made her first screen appearance in 1943, has always be played by a male dog. (D)

6. A blue bigwig lizard stakes out a territory and will defending females within it against courting males. (A)

7. President George Washington was inaugurates on the steps of the Federal Building in New York City. (A)

8. By 1627, Plymouth had became a viable and growing community of fifty families, twenty-two goats, fifteen cows, and more than fifty pigs. (A)

9. Tobacco was the crop on which the eminence of Williamburg and the prosperity of Virginia were base. (B)

10. Because there may be scores of genes in each suspect DNA region, scientists must identifying and sequence the actual genes contributing to type I diabetes. (A)

Page 201-202


1. The Pacific Ocean has the deepest valleys and canyons on the Earth. (D)

2. In the United States, the participation of females in the labor force jumped from 37 percent in 1965 to 51 percent in 1980. (D)

3. Some composers, such as Richard Wagner, have felt that interrupt arias the action of the opera too much and have written operas without them. (B)

4. Water stored behind a dam can used to drive turbines. (A)

5. Our universe may continue to expand as it gets colder,empty, and deader. (A)

6. Every form of matter in the world are made up of atoms. (A)

7. The lens and cornea are supply with nutrients and oxygen by the aqueous fluid. (B)

8. Dodge City, laid out in 1872, owed both its prosperity and its famous to the buffalo in its early years. (A)

9. The amount of the two kinds of cholesterol in the blood have been shown to have an effect on the risk of heart attack. (A)

10. By the time Noah Webster reached his mid-twenties, he had already publish an elementary speller. (A)

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